Note:  VICTORY Foggers and the FOGMASTER Jr.                                      are unavailable.  Out of stock and back ordered.  6 months minimum.

What we have is below:


Why Use a Fogger? 

 - There is no need to touch or wipe the surfaces.


 - Use less product, more effectively.  This reduces your costs - both labour and product. 


 - In most cases, a spray-and-wipe technique can move bacteria from one surface to another. Cross contamination can be considerably reduced due to the touchless effect of the fogger.

 - Victory Foggers are out of stock and are back ordered (for months).

 - We have new powerful foggers in.  CE Certified.


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Cyclone 4.5L

This is the perfect fogger for applications ranging from large residential to small industrial. The fog is controllable from zero to 50 microns. The fogger is powerful enough to reach 20-25 feet vertically and 25 feet horizontally. This is a great model for open spaces that require quick coverage with a ton of fog.


Power Source:     110V 60HZ 

Power:                1200W 

Flow:                   Adjustable

Capacity:              4.5L 

Spraying range:    3 - 8M 

Wire Length:        10M 

Weight:                2.6kg

Weight Full:          14kg

The Duffle 7L (Shoulder Strap)

The Duffle Shoulder Strap Fogger is one of our newest foggers in our lineup. The fogger has a comfortable Shoulder Strap, which makes using the fogger easier.


Power Source:   110V 50HZ

Power:              1000W

Flow:                 Adjustable

Spray range:       3-8 meters

Spray volume:     400 ml

Wire Length:        6M

Capacity:              7L

Dragon Knapsack 10L

This Kobold Knapsack Fogger (Dragon) is a new fogger in our lineup. This fogger is a powerful, flexible fogger and with a 10L capacity. The fogger has a comfortable backpack saddle, which makes using the fogger less of a chore. It is corded and it is not electrostatic. The hose unit has a volume control conveniently located near the nozzle. This allows for control of the amount of coverage desired.


Power Source:     110v/60HZ

Power:              1200W

Flow:                  Adjustable

Distance:             3-8 meters

Cord length:         10m

Capacity:              10L

Weight:                4kg

Weight Full:         15.5kg

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Healthy Sole Plus™


Kill germs on the soles of shoes.

Lower Healthcare Associated Infections

Manage the shoeborne spread of deadly organisms in your facility with Healthy Sole Plus™. The dirtiest, most-overlooked place in healthcare is the bottom of the shoes walking around it. Don’t let dangerous organisms travel in and out of high risk areas of healthcare ever again! Healthy Sole Plus™ is the first in its industry to use UV-C technology to kill 99.9% of the germs and pathogens on the soles of shoes.

Disinfects shoes and booties

Kills 99.9% of UVC exposed germs & pathogens

8 second disinfection time

Disinfects without harmful chemicals

Hands-free operation

Portable - can be placed anywhere

Easy to use

Quick ROI

According to a 3M study, 80% of contamination entering a critical environment does so on feet or wheels

Healthy Sole Plus™ is the industry’s first clinically -tested UVC germicidal light system to kill and eliminate 99.9% of exposed disease-causing organisms on the soles of shoes. Germs such as C. Diff, MRSA, Staph and VRE are all transported on the soles of shoes, transmitted to the floor and aerosolized from air currents, ventilation, and human movement. These pathogens then land on the patients and equipment, they are inhaled, or redeposited back on the floor in a migration cycle that leads to HAIs and costs hospitals billions in additional patient care.